Joey Atlas Review-How cellulite can be cured

Three degrees of cellulite determine the size of the problem

First class, which is shown only by limiting the pressure and skin

Second class, which occur during the stand only
Third class, which appear in the case to stand up and lie down - all cases
Avoiding factors that are cellulite can help to prevent or reduce the aggravation of the problem, but cannot by avoided cellulite treatment accumulated over years of time, Other Sources

it does not go away by refraining from eating or exercise or even by surgical and treatment of the primary, which gives effective results is device that works efficiently and is considered the best in the world.

Treatment depends on the three-tier system efficiency - suction external heat and radio waves so that it is through improving the access of oxygen needed for cells and tissues under the skin layers and stimulate blood circulation, and reduce the size of fat cells,

leading to slimming perimeter the area that is treated up to 10 cm or more depending on the number of meetings and get a clear homogeneity in the texture and shape of the skin in the treated area

Treatment consists of 8 sessions, once a week
The results are evident from the first sessions, where we note the improvement in the form of cellulite (orange peel) and by slimming the treated area.


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