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To every man: How do you get rid of the rumen?

There are exercises for fitness to hide the rumen and in a little time, but now a lot after suffering abdominal exercises that the looseness of the lower part of the abdomen, but now will not find a problem to solve this relaxation after performing these exercises, the whole easy on you.

Put lying on the ground or on any datum (such as exists in the video), with knees bent Start trying to individual legs forward and a rise of 45 degrees from the ground and then try to the original position once again on the body with an attempt to be joined on the abdomen, repeat this exercise 16 to 20 times.Read More

From the same position as the previous exercise, but legs are raise your legs fully and proximity of the abdomen and then again slowly to the original setting, repeat this exercise 16 to 20 times.

Important note:
You must install the well back on the ground so that the movement of the...

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Joey Atlas-Products for the treatment of cellulite

So you since the moment to prepare yourself for a summer of thighs and without disturbing signs of cellulite.
But you have to do this.

Since this moment, you will begin the implementation of the plan through the use of the means available in the home, cheap and easy to use. This means products are available in abundance and in every home.Get More Informations

Rosemary Oil:
National mix of 30 points drops rosemary with half a cup of olive oil in a medium bowl, then national on the body for a period of 4-5 covering the affected areas, and leave for a quarter of an hour, then rinse the area a national lukewarm

Lemon and honey:
It is the most effective product, but it primarily depends to what extent you are a fierce fighter against cellulite and to what extent you will be organized and committed to the plan.

All you need is blending two spoons of honey with the juice of a lemon...

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Joey Atlas Review-How cellulite can be cured

Three degrees of cellulite determine the size of the problem

First class, which is shown only by limiting the pressure and skin

Second class, which occur during the stand only
Third class, which appear in the case to stand up and lie down - all cases
Avoiding factors that are cellulite can help to prevent or reduce the aggravation of the problem, but cannot by avoided cellulite treatment accumulated over years of time, Other Sources

it does not go away by refraining from eating or exercise or even by surgical and treatment of the primary, which gives effective results is device that works efficiently and is considered the best in the world.

Treatment depends on the three-tier system efficiency - suction external heat and radio waves so that it is through improving the access of oxygen needed for cells and tissues under the skin layers and stimulate blood circulation, and reduce the...

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Joey Atlas-What is cellulite and how it can be cured

Cellulite is the fat to accumulate and water between tissue layers of the skin as a result of random fat cells swell and the non-arrival of the proper amount of oxygen-bearing blood necessary to maintain the homogeneity and elasticity of the skin, which leads to the emergence of curling up on the surface of the skin similar to orange peel

Cellulite is a one of the most common problems aesthetic in women, and affects the vast majority of them in varying degrees, regardless of age or weight, and usually appears in the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, arms, and may affect the breast area after menopause to sit for long hours in the office, and lack of exercise, and food inappropriate, ill movement of blood, and hormonal disorders, smoking and alcohol intake is one of the most important factors that help in the appearance of cellulite.http://www.fatlosspot.com/venus-factor-review/

The refrain...

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Cellulite- Get back to slimming thighs, buttocks and hips

I need to have my tummy slim. And get back to slimming thighs, buttocks and hips. I was always on a slimmer side. Off late I have put on this weight. Kind help

Many women today are preoccupied by the cellulite, commonly known as orange peel syndrome. When the body accumulates more fat than it is capable of using, the fat cells can swell and become up to 60 times bigger than their normal size. This is what creates, that padded irregular texture on the surface of the skin. Many More Sourcse Here

But cellulite is not only the result of a diet problem. In fact, in most cases, the change in the skin’s texture is caused by three types of cellulite. The first is adipose cellulite, caused by excess lipids.

The second is aqueous cellulite, caused by swelling produced by water retention and the third is fibrous cellulite, caused by a hardening of the collagen fibers that surround the...

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Joey Atlas-Patients with hemophilia

Interest in the establishment of comprehensive care centers for patients with hemophilia:

Hemophilia, including that affects many aspects of life of the patient and his family has evolved hemophilia treatment to provide comprehensive care through comprehensive specialized care centers so as to provide:

Multiple services from the physical to the psychological care to dental care to the attention of the bone, and general
medical care Get More Inforamtion
Knowledge of the health aspects related to the social and psychological pressures
Provide patient support groups and other services that provide information about hemophilia and suggestions to reduce his troubles with ordinary life is the most important provision of material clotting and control provided in the body in case of any need for the patient to surgery

Coexistence with hemophilia (non-clotting blood / blood thinners) and its...

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Joey Atlas-Treatment of bleeding

Hemophilia acute
Be treated to pump the plasma necessary to stop the bleeding repeated, as well as infusions normal protective factor for blood clotting twice to three times a week may help prevent bleeding.

Should designer trained doctor the patient and those around him on the way to take hormone injections decompressing or blood-clotting factor at home or work or school Click here

Treatment of bleeding if it happens because of a wound or tooth extraction:
For bleeding in the mouth using medication to prevent excessive bleeding in the mouth (a drug used for a limited time only 2-8 days)

If bleeding due to injury or internal bleeding or bleeding detailed first step is to stop the bleeding by applying initial treatment such as placing Rabat, pressure, and ice bags and then factor injections coagulation where you must stop the bleeding as soon as possible by injection coagulation...

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Truth About Cellulite-Diseases of the heart

Vulnerable to disease, hemophilia:
The hemophilia affects people of all nationalities, colors and ethnicities around the world and most forms of hemophilia severe affects only males while injuring the female gender severe disease,

it occurs only if the father is infected with the disease and the mother carrying him and this is something rare, however many of the pregnant women for the disease they show mild symptoms of hemophilia and hemophilia as a hereditary disease that children are infected from the moment of birth.Other Sources

Treatment of Hemophilia and symptoms: the treatment of hemophilia varies depending on the severity of the condition:
Hemophilia edits:

Treatment includes hormone injections slow (DDAVP) into a vein to stimulate the secretion of more clotting factors to stop bleeding, sometimes given medication decompression through the nose.
Medium to severe hemophilia:


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Joey Atlas-Diseases of the heart and circulatory system

Symptoms of hemophilia:
Bleeding in any part of the body, whether apparent or subcontractors, especially in the muscles and joints may occur spontaneously or after minor injuries or after making some minor operations such as circumcision and take off a tooth or when you give him a needle during treatment or when the withdrawal of a blood sample from him

Of the most dangerous types of internal bleeding is bleeding brain, which may be accompanied by fainting and cramps and bleeding ratio varies for several reasons, including the degree of lack of clotting factor and the age of the injured person and the rate of motor activity of the patient Many More

When the baby starts to crawl or walk where repeated his downfall and thus his blue bruises and bleeding in the joints, especially the knees

Fibrosis and stiffness in the joints: because of repeated bleeding joints leads to inflammation in...

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Venus Factor-Fruits help you lose weight

Fruits and moisturizing body:

dieting may mean always decrease the amount of food intake next exercise arduous and that contribute to weight loss, which affects a person always feel thirsty and dry throat and makes it to drink many soft drinks, high-calorie kinetics, which do not help you lose weight, So when you are advised to begin exercise care to be resolved juices, fresh fruits and natural drinks replace high-calorie, granted internal body moisturizing and is a good source of sources of vitamins and minerals that help you lose weight effectively and safely and quickly.Many More

5 - Fruits and its ability to eliminate the boredom of the diet:
A diet is causing boredom food argument of the most important arguments that circulated several people to lose weight at the same time the regime food for them containing only boiled vegetables and low-fat foods, so we recommend those people...

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