Joey Atlas-Diseases of the heart and circulatory system

Symptoms of hemophilia:
Bleeding in any part of the body, whether apparent or subcontractors, especially in the muscles and joints may occur spontaneously or after minor injuries or after making some minor operations such as circumcision and take off a tooth or when you give him a needle during treatment or when the withdrawal of a blood sample from him

Of the most dangerous types of internal bleeding is bleeding brain, which may be accompanied by fainting and cramps and bleeding ratio varies for several reasons, including the degree of lack of clotting factor and the age of the injured person and the rate of motor activity of the patient Many More

When the baby starts to crawl or walk where repeated his downfall and thus his blue bruises and bleeding in the joints, especially the knees

Fibrosis and stiffness in the joints: because of repeated bleeding joints leads to inflammation in the post-hemorrhage
Muscle weakness: as a result of inflammation in the post-hemorrhage and a few years after the child becomes physically disabled and at the age of may need to change the process of the joints did not receive proper treatment since the start of the diagnosis of the disease in its early stage

In some cases the disease-class light or medium, so do not show symptoms only when surgical intervention such as tooth extraction or tonsillectomy

Diagnosis of hemophilia in two phases:

Measuring the amount of rennet factor 8 and 9 in the blood:

Healthy person (non-infected hemophilia) ratio from 50% to 100%

Hemophilia light: the ratio is greater than 5% but less than 50%

Hemophilia medium: be from 1% to 5%

Hemophilia acute: less than 1%

DNA testing genetic (DNA):

manufacturing worker curd 8 and 9 and is done by taking a sample and DNA extraction and then test them Elgin that was intact or injured this analysis takes approximately three days at least


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