To every man: How do you get rid of the rumen?

There are exercises for fitness to hide the rumen and in a little time, but now a lot after suffering abdominal exercises that the looseness of the lower part of the abdomen, but now will not find a problem to solve this relaxation after performing these exercises, the whole easy on you.

Put lying on the ground or on any datum (such as exists in the video), with knees bent Start trying to individual legs forward and a rise of 45 degrees from the ground and then try to the original position once again on the body with an attempt to be joined on the abdomen, repeat this exercise 16 to 20 times.Read More

From the same position as the previous exercise, but legs are raise your legs fully and proximity of the abdomen and then again slowly to the original setting, repeat this exercise 16 to 20 times.

Important note:
You must install the well back on the ground so that the movement of the pelvis and not only with the help of back muscles.

Breaks in this type of training not more than 30 seconds between each exercise and the other
You should consult with your doctor before starting this type of training, if you suffer from any diseases, prevent you from exercising.


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