Joey Atlas Review-Meson therapy cellulite

Meson therapy cellulite
The most effective treatment of cellulite one of the meson therapies is. Cellulite meson therapy, middle skin treatment means.

The aim of treatment to regulate blood and lymph circulation, provide the breakdown of excess fat, eliminate cellulite tissues is so.OTHER SOURCES HERE

Cellulite, which is rare in men, can be considered as a disease peculiar to women. 90% of women over 15, “sooner or later” will affect the health and aesthetic problem

Medically accepted as a disease and medical name is
Localized fat and cellulite treatment in this method is used for biolytic (fat meter) drugs, circulatory drugs editor, artichoke extract, tonus amplifier, cellulite relieving drugs to about 2 cm apart are injected cellulite.
4 mm needles made through the injection treatment of cellulite is most valid. 8-30 of about ongoing session of mesa therapy sessions, cellulite is made in accordance with the degree.

Week 1 - time this injection is completed in about 10 min. During the treatment you may feel very little pain. Can bruising after treatment.

Cellulite treatment by 2 months after the completion of the single session of mesa therapy, cellulite is important in terms of repetition.

Regional thinning injections average order is between 10-30 sessions.
Should be checked every 3 months

During the treatment of caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee, cola) should be far away from soda and salt, fat-free, sugar-,-fiber diet consisting of foods should apply.


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